The Fund Scholarship record identifies each scholarship available in the Fund that offers the scholarships. The Fund ID is associated with the donor fund in the Fund Module.  The Scholarship Fund ID identifies the scholarship program within the fund. 

Most foundations have a one to one relationship between the scholarship fund ID and the fund ID.  Other foundations have complex scholarship programs and a single donor fund might contain many scholarship programs.  Thus there needs to be a scholarship fund record to identify the many different scholarship programs within the same donor fund ID.  Each scholarship fund id contains the fund id and also a number to indicate which associated program. That means that there can be more than one Fund Scholarship record per Fund. Here are a few examples:
  • Scholarships that have different names
  • Different award criteria
  • Different amounts
All Scholarship applications must be linked to a Fund Scholarship record (you cannot post the application without entering a valid ID in the Schol. Fund field on the Application tab). Therefore, you need to create at least one Fund Scholarship record for every Fund that will award a Scholarship.  

To create a Fund Scholarship record:
  • Click on File Maintenance in the Scholarship Module.  
  • Click on Fund Scholarship Records.  
  • Click the New button in the upper left side of the toolbar to create a new Scholarship fund record.  
  • You will be choosing from your entire list of Fund IDs - not creating a new fund id.  
  • This step classifies a fund as a scholarship fund.  
  • You will notice some new fields that can help you better manage the scholarship process.  
  • Once you save this record the Fund Scholarship record will be available for new Scholarship Applications.