Most often this is due to how you set up your criteria on the Selections tab of the report you are running. The Selections tab is where you filter the data you want to include for this report. If you have no selection criteria then FIMS will fill the report using the entire database contents. The following are common scenarios that could lead to blank report results:
  • When you click on a field and add it to your Selections, you need to identify the range of data for that particular field. If the From and Through are left blank, FIMS assumes you want to select on only those records where the content on that field is really blank in your database. 
  • You can have more than one field as criteria for your report. Be careful of the use of And and Or between your field filters. If you are looking for both criteria to be met in order to be included on the report then use And. If you are looking for either the first criteria or the second criteria to be met than use OR.
  • Do not add criteria to a report because you want the fields to be columns on the report.  Most reports that you run from the menu have a fixed set of columns.  Do not add fields to selections thinking they will be added as columns.