How can I make a FIMS user a System Administrator?

I have a FIMS user that I need to make a system administrator, how can I do that?
Security administrators have permission to set function-level security throughout FIMS.   Note: Once you establish these administrators, they will be the only ones who can access this utility.   There is no need to set additional security on the menu item for those users.

You will need to be have permissions in FIMS to access this tool:
1. Select Tools/System Utilities/Set Security Administrators.  
2. Enter the User IDs for the users that you want to establish as security administrators, separated by commas (no spaces). This is an example of how that would look with 3 user names, you would not of course have the NPO account listed three times but rather would have npo list plus any other accounts as needed:

User-added image



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