Staff codes are used to determine the type of access that your organization's staff members will have for DonorCentral. Staff can either be marked as Reviewers or System Administrators. Reviewers and System Administrators both have access to Fund information on the DonorCentral site, but System Administrators also have access to site setup options.   Note: This procedure takes you through the process of setting DonorCentral options for an existing Staff code, but you can also set these options when you first create a new Staff code. To manage staff codes for DonorCentral:
  1. In the Profile Management module, select File Maintenance > Profile Code Maintenance > Staff .
  2. The Staff Code Maintenance window appears. Select the code that you want to update and then use the horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the window to scroll to the DonorCentral-related fields.
  3. Click the arrow in the DonorCentral Admin Type field and select the desired Admin Type code: R (Reviewer): Indicates that the staff member can access DonorCentral, but does not have administrative rights. L (Limited System Administrator): Indicates that the staff member can access DonorCentral and has limited administrative rights, as determined by the DonorCentral system administrator. S (System Administrator): Indicates that the staff member has full administrative rights in DonorCentral, including setting security options for limited system administrators.
  4. Click in any other field. FIMS automatically enters a default User Name and Password in the DonorCentral User ID and DonorCentral Password fields, but you can change either of these default values.
  5. Click Save .
  6. Repeat this process for any additional staff members. When you are finished, click Close .