Yes, you can populate the region code contained within the grantee profile record and/or the grant record.   To access the Add Region Code based on Zip Code tool do the following:
  1. Select Tools > System Utilities > Run Procedure .  
  2. Click on the browse button and browse to the following directory\file: Found\Fims\Tools\D-Zp2rgn.w.  
  3. Select the region code from the drop-down to populate.  
  4. Check the "To Grantees based on Profile Zip Code" check box if you want to update grantee records with the region code.   
  5. Check the "To Grants based on Grantee Zip Code" if you wish to update grant applications with the region code.  
  6. You may chose either of the two or both.  
  7. Enter the zip code or zip code range you wish to base the assignment of the region code.  
  8. If you want to replace existing region codes that may be present, select the "Replace existing Region Codes" Check-box.  
  9. If this box is not checked and a region code is present in the record, it will remain intact and will not be replaced.   
  10. Click Apply which should display a dialog box asking for your confirmation that you wish to run the utility.  
  11. Select Yes.  
  12. Once the process is complete, you will receive a dialog box message indicating the number of records updated.