There are two options for changing check numbers.  The single check method is the easiest and can be used for a small number of checks or a renumbering that is difficult with the utility.

Single Check Number:
  1. To change the check number for a single payment, go to Accounts Payable to the Payments supertab. 
  2. From the data grid search for the check and make sure it is selected (highlighted) in the data grid.   Right-click to bring up a menu. 
  3. Select the Renumber Check option at the bottom of the list. 
  4. Enter the new (correct) check number and click OK.  
Multiple Check Numbers:
If you have a range of checks to renumber, typically because of entering an incorrect beginning check number when you run the Print Checks utility, you can use the  Check Renumbering Utility located under Accounts Payable File Maintenance.  To run the utility, follow the steps below.
  1. In the Accounts Payable module, select File Maintenance > Check Renumbering Utility .
  2. The Check Renumbering window opens.
  3. In the Renumber Check Number From/Through fields, enter the range of check numbers that you want to change. Note: This must be a contiguous range of check numbers.
  4. In the New Check Number Starts field, enter the first new number. FIMS automatically enters the ending check number for the range.
  5. If you have more than one checking account, enter data in any or all of the following fields to further identify the checks you want to renumber. If you only have one checking account you do not need to enter anything in these fields:
    1. Check Date: The date when the checks were printed.
    2. Voucher Types: The type of Vouchers that the checks were written to pay.
    3. Bank Account: The natural account number for the checking account.
  6. Click OK.
  7. A confirmation message opens to confirm your selections and ask if you are ready to proceed. Click Yes to renumber your checks.