To void a check:
  1. Find the check in the Payments tab in Accounts Payable.  
  2. Choose an appropriate void date.
  3. Select or type in a void reason.
  4. Do NOT create a debit memo if the check void is associated with a grant.  The grant adjustment will handle that. 
  5. If this is an admin voucher and you do not plan on cutting or creating a new check, then you will want to remove the voucher and thus a debit memo is appropriate. 
  6. Click the Void Payment button.   This will create the necessary journal entries.  
  7. As a convenience, you'll have the option of running the GL edit report to post these entries.  

Once again, if you plan to print a replacement check or if this is a grant payment, do not check the Create Debit Memo checkbox.   It is always recommended you add the reason for the void in the space provided.