If you want to run an Address List Report of people with two particular Affiliation codes, you should run the Special Address Listing Report .   

Note: This is a report, not an export for mailing.

Example:   Let's say you want to get an Address List Report for Profiles in FIMS that are Financial Planners who attended your Fund Raising Dinner.    You have Affiliation codes assigned for each of these categories.  You need to run a report showing all Profiles that have both codes.    

Note: It is not possible to do this type of selection (AND operator between Affiliation codes) in regular reports and exports.  Regular reports and exports use OR as the operator when selecting multiple Affiliation Codes.   

Running the Special Address Listing Report  
  1. In the Profile Management module, select Reports > Special Address Listing . The Special Address Codes window opens.  
  2. Click the arrow in the 1st Affiliation and 2nd Affiliation drop-down boxes and select the Affiliation code(s) you want to use for the report. If you only want to use a single code, enter the same code in both fields. Note: Do not leave either of these fields blank.  
  3. Click OK.  
  4. Configure the desired Selection and Sorting criteria as you would for any standard FIMS report and then click the Run Report button.   Except for the initial selection screen, this report is identical to the Address Listing with Labels and Email report.  
Note: You can also use the Affiliation Code Mass Add utility (located under Profile File Maintenance) to select Profiles who have both of two Affiliation codes and assign a new code to them.  You can then use that new affiliation code as the single affiliation code filter in any report.