Word merging when using Host*Net works exactly the same way as it does with a local installation of FIMS, with one difference: where you export your data to and where your template is located.  

There is an area in Host*Net called MyFiles.   If you log into Host*Net, you can access this data storage location from anywhere in the world.   You should save all your templates to this location so they are available to you when you are ready to use them.    
  • Run your export as you normally would but be sure to set the File Name path to the S: drive using the Save As button.  
  • Once you click run report, it will save your data as listed in the File Name field.  
  • If you also included the path and file name of your template in the Auto Launch Document section, it will open Word (the Host*Net version of Word not your own) and will merge your data.  
  • You can then save your completed letters to the S: drive as well.    
If you decide you do not want to save your templates up on FIMS Host*Net, you need to understand that the Host*Net version of Word cannot see your network drives.   It can only see your local drive (C) and the shared S drive.    So if you're using the auto launch feature and your template is saved on your local C: drive, you will need to export your data to your C: drive as well before merging.