The tool for changing all the phone numbers to have the same format can be found in Tools > System Utilities > Admin Utilities > Profile Utilities > Format phone numbers

When running this tool you will select the format from the above screen.
After clicking Apply, the tool will display the following list of numbers it will examine and after clicking OK, will process the data and attempt to change the phone numbers to the selected format.

For example if you select nnn.nnn.nnnn  for the new format, it will run through each phone number field and change the format from (800) 256-7772 to 800.256.7772.  

It removes all non-numeric data and then attempts to reformat it. If there aren't enough numbers ( or too many)  or there is some other problem it will not change the data.  You will get a series of message screens and finally a list of tables and the records in each table that could not be converted.  You will have to manually change those records.  Typically the phone numbers had invalid data such as
  • GrantNum:20080001 contactphone:603-555-55555
  • GrantNum:960025   contactphone:23907423098
  • Relator-ID:  1158 granteephone:23907423098
  • IDCode:a-b        cell-phone:cell
Running the tool will also set the input data format for the phone number to the new format.  If you enter 1234567890, it will autoformat to 123.456.7890 in this example.

If the Profile module was open when the tool was run, you must close it and re-open it to see the changes.