If Salutations are missing or not coming out correctly when you export and merge in Word for letters, it is most likely because the Prefixes on Profile records are not filled in.  You should review the Salutation tab when entering or modifying fields on the Profile 1 or Profile 2 tab.
Note: If prefixes and salutations are added to the Profile record after gifts are created using that profile, the gifts will have to be deleted and re-entered in order to pull in the new Salutation information.

Prefixes must be filled in for Salutations to be built correctly. Even though they are filled in, salutations might not build as desired.
  • After filling in missing Prefixes on Profiles (Profile 1 tab, and Profile 2 tab if there is a spouse), click on the Salutations tab.
  • If some Salutations are still missing or incorrect, click the Build Salutations button.
  • This will auto-build the Salutations according to the settings in System Initial Setup.
  • Make any manual edits as desired.  

Note: Adding Prefixes will cause the Report Name to auto-build including Prefixes (e.g. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jones). If you prefer that the Report Name not include Prefixes, simply edit the Report Name to the format you want (e.g. Henry and Mary Jones).