Select the report based on Transaction Date rather than Grant Date.   The Transaction Date is the same as the Grant Date except when Adjustments are done.   The Adjustment Apply Date becomes the Transaction Date.   Therefore selecting by Transaction Date should tie your report to the General Ledger.  
  • More transaction date facts (for Grants):
  • The Transaction Date is a field in the FundDetailHistory table.
  • One record in the FundDetailHistory table is created for each line on the Payment Plan tab.
  • Each record in the FundDetailHistory table has a Transaction Date which is the same date as the Grant Date on a Grant Application.  
  • However, if the line is an adjustment it could be the same or a different date based on the Adjustment Apply Date entered at the time of the adjustment.
  • If the line is an adjustment, the Transaction Date can be seen on the Payment Plan tab under the field title Adjustment Apply Date.
  • Adjustment Apply Date is not an actual field in the table - it's just allowing you to see the Transaction Date.
  • The only time the field called Adjustment Apply Date is filled in on the screen is if the line is an adjustment.
  • Selecting Grant reports based on Transaction Date should cause the report to tie to General Ledger.