An easy way to get this list is to run the Special Donor Export/Listing report.
  • From the Menu Bar select Reports > Gifts > Donor Reports > Special Donor Export/Listing.  
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  • This report is useful for two reasons:
    • The Report Name from the Profile appears on the report
    • The report is in summary format, listing each donor only once.  
  • If you only wish to see the donor names, simply save the report to a file, open in Excel, and delete all but the name column.  
  • Or choose the Export option at the top of the Report Viewer for a detailed export file.

Note: This report does not indicate if the donor is anonymous.  
  • A separate report should be run that will indicate anonymity so that the names may be modified before publication.  
  • For more information on running this report, go to FIMS Help > FIMS Reports > Donor and Gift Reports and click on Special Donor Export / Listing .  
  • If you're using your local FIMS Help, you can also click on the Search tab and search for the name of the report.