Use the following process to unpost FACTS.
  • Select File Maintenance, then select FACTS and then select FACTS Unpost.
  • Select the investment pool.
  • The cycle defaults to the last posted cycle.
  • Click OK.
  • You will get a message box asking 'Are you sure you are ready to unpost cycle X for pool 'pool ID??
  • Click Yes if you want to continue to unpost and click No if you do not want to continue. If you clicked yes, you will get a message that Cycle X for pool 'pool ID' has been unposted.
  • Click OK. The G/L Journal Edit Report Selections from FACTS Unpost will be displayed and will have the apply dates, journal keys, references and journal numbers filled in.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Run Report.
  • The G/L Journal Edit Report will be displayed and you can click on Post Journal on the report menu-bar and then click on Run Report.  The G/L Journal Posting report will be displayed.  Always post the journal entries.
For additional information, please refer to FIMS Help or contact FIMS Support.