You can rename the lines on the Reconcile tab in FACTS but there are some things you should consider prior to renaming a line. All of the lines in the reconciliation are mapped to a particular general ledger accounts through the pool record. All are programmed to make credits if a positive number is added and debits if a negative number is added. Therefore, there is flexibility in the use of the lines for other things than what the labels imply. However, we recommend that you use the income lines for income accounts and expense and fee lines for expense accounts.  

Note: The Disbursement line acts differently than other lines so it should generally only be used for transfers between investment accounts.  However, there is a system option you can set to make it act like one of the other lines.  Please contact FIMS Support to discuss this setup option.  

To rename the lines, follow the instructions below.
  • Select File Maintenance, then select FACTS and then select Define FACTS Labels.
  • Change the label and click OK.  

The label name will default into the description line for journal entries.   For additional information, please refer to FIMS Help or contact FIMS Support.