Yes - There are two methods. The first method explains how to do this for one fund. The second method allows you to add the fee code to multiple funds.

Single Fund Method
  1. In the Funds module, select the fund you want to add the additional fee to by double-clicking on the fund.
  2. Check the Fund 1 tab to be sure that there is an admin fee code already on the fund. Please note if you see "(more)" to the right of the Admin Fee code field, then there are already multiple fee codes on this fund.
  3. Click on the Fund 2 tab and click on the Admin Fee Codes radio button.
  4. Click the Add Fee Code button and select the fee code you would like to add.
Note: You can remove additional fee codes by highlighting the fee code in the list and clicking the Remove Fee Code button. You can remove the FIRST fee code by clicking on the Fund 1 tab and clicking the drop down button to select another fee code or clearing the field making it blank. Tip: We recommend that you put a fee code of NONE on any funds that do use a fee code.

Multiple Funds Method
  1. Select File Maintenance > Funds > Mass Fund Field Assignment.
  2. Select the funds you want to add the additional fee to using the Selection Criteria of Funds, Division, Fund Class, Fund Type, Fund Subtype, Spending Policy or Admin Fee.
  3. Set the Fund Field to Update to Admin Fee Code (Fund Tab 2) by clicking on the drop-down.
  4. Set the Value Admin Fee Code (Fund Tab 2) by clicking on the drop-down to the fee code you want to add to the funds. Click OK.
  5. Click OK after you see the information message with the number of records updated and created.
Note: When calculating Administrative Fees, fees for Funds with multiple fees are totaled by default .  If you want to take the Average, Highest, or Lowest, be sure to make that selection in the  "Method when multiple fees/fund field".

For additional information, please refer to FIMS Help or contact FIMS Support.