It is possible that you can use this program to make your change.  Fields that are not part of an index are usually available for modification.

In general, most fields that are editable can be modified. FIMS support should be consulted before using the utility to be sure the ramifications of the change are reviewed.  In some cases, it might be necessary to change more than one value in multiple tables.  Depending upon the change, the global code change program might be the better solution.

When using the tool remember that there is no recycle bin or undo button to reverse the procedure.   A backup of data is always strongly recommended before performing a global change.   Testing the change in Test and Learn first is advised.

If you are thinking you would like to do a global change, please call FIMS Support to discuss the options.  If you wish to see if your field is available for modification, feel free to open the utility and browse around.  If the field is not available, then you will have to perform the change manually or not at all.