There is a menu utility to import your pre-calculated spending policy.
  1. Select View, Spending Policy, and then Spending Policy Import. You will get a message box first explaining that you need a spreadsheet with 2 columns for the FIMS FundId and the spending policy amount. It needs to be saved in Excel as a *.csv format.
  2. Enter the location and filename by clicking on the magnifying glass. Enter the fiscal year for which the spending policy will apply. Enter yes or no for whether you are entering spending policies with a zero amount or not. Click on the Cash Requirements or Admin Fee radio buttons for where you want the spending policy imported. Click on #1 Import. The number of records imported will be displayed.
  3. Click on #2 Edit report and review the review of the spending policy amounts being imported.
  4. Click #3 and Save the spending policy amounts.

For additional information, please refer to FIMS Help or contact FIMS Support.