Deciding Which Fields to Include on Your Form The Form Design Wizard makes a subset of GIFTS fields available to include on your application or requirement form.

All fields are optional, so you can decide which information you need in order to process applications.
For each field that you include on the form, you can also decide whether the applicant is required to enter a value in that field, or if they'll be allowed to skip it.

Some fields correspond to your Code Tables in GIFTS, such as Program Area and Geographical Area Served. These fields will require the applicant to choose from a list of values that is determined by you in the Form Design Wizard. In many cases, this will be a subset of the codes in GIFTS. For instance, if you are designing a form specifically for your Education program, you would only include the Program Area codes that are relevant for education.

***Important: For requirement forms, you can include any Request, Payment, or Organization fields that you choose. However, many of these fields can only be added to the requirement form as read-only fields. In most cases, you will probably only want the grantee to update Notes, Long Notes, and Customizer fields for the associated Requirement in GIFTS. But if you choose, you can add some Organization and Request fields to your requirement form that are editable. If the grantee adds values to these fields, these values will update the associated records in GIFTS during the retrieval process.