Renewing Grants You can "renew" ongoing grants by creating a new Pending Request record based on the information from the original grant, thereby eliminating the need to re-key most grant information. When you specify that a grant can be renewed, you can also define the date on which it can be renewed.

*Note: You can only renew a grant once - you will have to go to the last renewed grant to renew it again.
- Example: Renew Request id: 103 -> new grant 103.1 to renew go to grant 103.1 and renew it and a new request is created 103.2.

The following information is carried over to the new Request when a grant is renewed: Organization information, Primary Contact information or, if desired, all affiliated Contacts, Project Title and Long Project Description, Request Amount, Recommended Amount Staff assignment, All Coding Sheet classifications,

The Request ID of the new Request is preserved as the Request ID of the previous Request, with the addition of an extension.

Example: Request 19 is renewed as Request 19.01. If Request 19.01 is subsequently renewed, it will be assigned a Request ID of 19.02, and so forth.

Specifying Renewal Eligibility: The Renewal Information fields on Page 2 of an approved Request specify whether a grant is eligible for renewal, and the date on which the grant is eligible for renewal. The renewal information will not be specified for any Requests that have not been created through the renewal process, or for which this information has not been updated manually.

To indicate that the Request can be renewed:
1. Select the Allow this request to be "renewed" check box. The date field directly below this option is enabled.
2. To specify the date on which this Request becomes eligible for renewal, enter the appropriate date in the date field. Click Save and Close to save your changes to the Request.

To Renew a Grant In the Requests folder of the Organizer, highlight or open the Request.

*Tip: To find renewable grants, you can use the Requests Quick Find to search the Renewal Date property of your grants. From the menu, choose Action > Renew . - You can choose for the new Request to be the same type as the original grant, or you can choose a different type.
- To specify a status for the new Request, choose the appropriate code in the Request Status field (only status codes for the Request type chosen are available).
- By default, the only Contact renewed is the Request Primary Contact identified on Page 1 of the Request.
If you wish for the Contacts listed on the Affiliations tab of the Request to be carried over, select the Carry over all non-primary contact affiliations - check box.
- If the new Request should be available for renewal at a certain point, select the 'Allow this request to be subsequently'  "renewed" check box. (If this option is not set, and you subsequently wish to renew the Request, it can be set manually on Page 2 of the Request later.)
Then, specify the date at which the new Request will be eligible for renewal. This date defaults to one year after the current date.

- You can choose to copy over existing Customizer fields by clicking Custom Fields and selecting the Customizer fields you would like to include in the new Request. If you choose a new Request Type, any Customizer fields for this Request that you copy over that do not exist in the new Request Type will not contain data from the original Request.

- The Renewal Activity fields determine the contents of the Activity record created by the Renewal process. This record is associated with the new Request, and indicates the date on which the grant was renewed, the user responsible, and notes regarding the renewal. You can change the default information for the following options:
- To change the staff member associated with the Activity record, use the Staff field. This does not change the staff for the Request, which defaults to the staff assigned to the original grant.
- To change the date reported in the Activity record, use the Date field. - By default, the Activity notes indicate that the activity is a renewal, and specify the ID of the previous grant. Use the Notes field to add additional information to this note. Click OK . The grant is renewed.

**Note that the renewal fails if any of the following conditions are found by GIFTS: - The Request does not have a Disposition of Approved. - The Allow this Request to be Renewed option on Page 2 of the Request record is disabled.
- The "on or after" date that determines when the grant is eligible for renewal has not passed yet.
- The Request has already been renewed. Listing All Grants in a Series of Renewals Since the Request ID of the new Request includes the Request ID of the previous Request (with the addition of an extension), you can use the Requests Quick Find to search for all of the grants in a series of renewals. Simply specify the Request ID property of your search as "starting with" the original Request ID.