What is Editing and Synchronizing Letter/Email Templates?

About Editing and Synchronizing Letter/Email Templates
About Editing and Synchronizing Letter/Email Templates

If you are working with a Letter/Email template, and you want to customize the appearance of your letters by taking advantage of your word processor's advanced formatting features, you can edit the letter portions of the template in your word processor. Once you edit a Letter/Email template in your word processor, the template is split into two templates an email template and a separate letter template; the templates are no longer synchronized. The template still functions in the same manner,that is, it generates email correspondence if the applicant provides an email address; otherwise it generates printed correspondence. However, the text in the Template Viewer may not accurately reflect the text of the letters that are generated by the template.

-Example: You create Body text for a Letter/Email template and then edit the letter template Body in your word processor to add customized fonts or paragraph formatting, for example. The email text and the letter text no longer match, they are not synchronized. The texts of the email and printed correspondence that you generate with the template may differ. When you edit the letter template in your word processor, you must continue to edit the letter portions in the word processor. (You can still edit the email sections as described in Working with Email Templates .) If you want to revert back to the original combination template and edit the letter and email portions in the Template Viewer, you can synchronize the letter and email templates.

**Note that when you synchronize the templates, the template that you edited in your word processor is deleted. Changes that you made in the word processor are not transferred back to the Letter/Email template. The letter portions of the template are restored to their original state before you edited them in the word processor.



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