If the grantee to which you are sending an online requirement does not have an IGAM account, you can create one for him or her.   To create an IGAM account for a grantee:  

1.From GIFTS, select the Request that contains the Requirement for which you want to collect requirement data.  
2.From the Action menu, select Create IGAM Account . The Create IGAM Account window appears.  
Note: If the grantee for the Request already has an IGAM account, the Create IGAM Account option is grayed out. Select Display IGAM Account to view the grantee's IGAM account information for the selected Request.  
3.Enter the grantee's email address in both fields, and then click OK . A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. The grantee now has an IGAM account and can log into his or her My Account page to access the online requirement.
Note: If the grantee already has an IGAM account, a message appears asking if you want to link to the existing account. If you do, no email is sent to the grantee.