The Form Design Wizard in IGAM allows you to create and edit field names and drop-down lists for your online application and online requirements. Until now, you have not been able to edit certain application form hard-coded text, such as the text on navigation links and buttons. Using label sets, you can now edit this text. To make these edits - you would do so in IGAM > Forms Manager > Fields Tab > and edit the label (found toward the bottom of your window) for each field. For example, you can create a label set in French or Spanish, which you can use in conjunction with application forms in that language, or you can create one in English, if you simply want to change the default hard-coded text.  

If you create a label set in a foreign language and want the rest of your automated emails, links, on-screen messages, application/requirement form fields, and form code tables to appear in this language, you must edit this text separately.  

Note: In order for a foreign language application form/online requirement to display correctly, the language preferences of the browser in which the form displays must be set to view that language.