What do I do with FIMS CRM sync errors

When the sync encounters an error(s), it will send an email to notify the assigned users.  It is best to check what the errors to see what they are and what may need to be done to fix them.  You can check the error message with the attached document for possible resolutions.
Go to the Found\SFtempfiles\Salesforce folder on your n: drive, sort by date, and open the sync folder indicated from your email.   Open the log file and scan it to review any sync errors.   Refer to the Guide to Common Sync Errors for explanation and instructions for common sync errors (attached).

Sometimes it may be necessary to send FIMS Support the complete folder with the sync files.  To do this follow these instructions:
  1. From Windows Explorer, navigate to find the following folder: N:\found\SFtempfiles.
  2. Once you double click on the Salesforce folder, you'll see the sync file folders within it.
  3. Locate the folder indicated in the sync error email.  For example, in the path below, _SFSYNC_43200927 is the name of the folder in this particular path.  n:\npo\found\sftempfiles\SalesForce\_SFSYNC_43200927 \_SFSYNC_09-20-2010_43200958.log
  4. Once you locate the folder, click on it, then right click and select Send To and choose Compressed (zipped) Folder.
  5. It will zip up the contents and put that zip file in the same folder.
  6. Send an email to FIMS Support with that zip file attached.
  Sync Error Email Documentation.pdf

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