How can I import grant records into FIMS?

You can use the Grant Import tool to enter a batch of grants at the same time.
You can use the Grant Import tool to enter a batch of grants at the same time.
  • Click on File Maintenance > Grants > Grant Import. 
The import program reads comma-separated (.csv) files. 

Tips and Recommendations:
  • If the spreadsheet has a header row, make sure to exclude that row on the "Import Row From" field. (e.g. start your import on row 2 if row 1 is a header).
  • Verify that there are no dollar signs in spreadsheet currency fields.
  • Verify that there are no characters in spreadsheet number fields.
  • The import utility will automatically create Profile records for any applications where the Profile does not already exist in FIMS.
    • If you have multiple applications for the same grantee in your spreadsheet, we recommend either manually adding the profile record to FIMS or using the Do It Yourself Profile Import to create the profile records before importing your grant applications.
    • Although the Grant Import program has duplicate checking available, it can only check for duplicates against profiles that are already in FIMS.
  • Once you configure your import, click the Defaults button to save your configuration for use in future imports, or for rerunning your current import.
  • Test a small file (in the Test & Learn database if possible) with just a few records to make sure your import works as you expect before importing a lot of records.
  • In each drop-down, select the appropriate column from the spreadsheet.
The system will add the appropriate Profile, Grantee, and Application records to FIMS. For more information, see the attached instruction document, look in FIMS Help , or contact FIMS Support for assistance.
  Grant Import Instructions.pdf

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