To effectively keep Gifts, Pledges, Grants, Scholarships and AP vouchers from being posted into audited years, you should use the Close Modules by Date utility. The Close Modules by Date utility (available via the General Ledger File Maintenance menu) prevents the system from posting any journal entries that fall on or before the selected date (generally the last day of the last audited fiscal year). If Gifts, Pledges, Grants, Scholarships or Payable items will create journal entries that fall on or before the selected date, you will receive an error on the associated module edit report. 

Closing the modules will not prevent the outer module transaction from being created, but it will keep it from being posted. FIMS will also prevent you from posting General Ledger journal entries on or before this date. Closing periods is an excellent safeguard to prevent posting with incorrect dates.

To close the modules:
  1. File Maintenance > General Ledger > Close Modules by Date
  2. Enter Dates for GL, Gifts, and Grants
  3. Click OK

Note: If you ever need to reopen a year to add entries, you can remove the date or set it back a year.

Note: Refer to Closing Modules by Date in the General Ledger chapter of the FIMS User Guide for more information.