If icons or buttons are missing from data grids or views on a few workstations, the c:\windows\system32\msvcp71.dll is probably missing from those workstations. This is a Windows file that is required by the FIMS data grid icons feature. 

Without this file, the icons will not appear.  To fix this issue, replace the missing file on this computer with a copy from a computer with working icons. If you are running a windows 64 bit machine, you should put the file in the syswow64 directory not system32.

If replacing the file does not fix the problem do the following steps:

1. Tools>System Utilities>Run Procedure then type in "gui\tools\update\impuini.p" (without quotes). You may have to click on the Browse button to actually find the file and select it in the actually folder where it resides. N:\npo\found\FIMS\GUI\Tools\Update.
2. Click ok and the procedure will run, it will not appear as if anything is happening. After that, verify that the buttons and icons are now back in place.