If you have a circumstance where you need to cut a check in order to move cash from one bank account to another on behalf of one fund or just a few funds,  you can do this through Accounts Payable just as you would for a normal administrative payable voucher.     
  1. Add a Profile and Vendor record for the bank you are moving the money to.  
  2. Add a Voucher in the Item Entry tab in Accounts Payable with the bank as the payee.
  3. On the Line Items tab enter the amount of the check and instead of debiting an expense account on the top account line you will debit the cash account this money is being moved into.  
  4. The admin payable line is your normal admin payable account.   
  5. The bottom account is the cash account you are moving the money from.
  6. Process through as you would a normal administrative payable and print the check.
  7. Take the check to the bank and deposit.
If you have already created the journal entries either manually, or from running Cash Call or Asset Rebalancing, the goal will be to write a check for a physical transfer that will have no effect on General Ledger.  Follow the steps above, except use the same bank account (e.g. checking) on both the Expense and Cash lines.  The result for G/L will be a wash.  Print the check and deposit to the appropriate bank.