If you have a need to copy one or more than one posted Grant Application to use again, you can either
  • Find the Grant in Application History and click the Copy button on the toolbar
  • Go to File Maintenance > Grants > Auto-create Grant Applications to copy several at one time
The tool is particularly useful if you have a consistent Batch or range of Grant Numbers that need to be created every year. When you run the tool there are many fields to select on.  A typical selection may be based on Batch code, Grant Number range, Project code (e.g. Designated Grants), or Grant Date.  Enter the selection and click Run Report. The report will present you a list of the selected Grants for your review.  

If you want to copy all Grants on the report, click Create Applications at the top of the FIMS Viewer.  If there are one or two on the report you don't want, you can always delete them after they are created since they will be unposted.  Or you could redo your selection so they don't appear on the report. Once you click Create Applications, a screen will appear with many choices. 

Most fields have a fill-in option to apply the same value to all Grants, a Keep from History option, and an Advance Date by option.  Go to FIMS Help for more information about these choices. 

User Tip: Change or include a new Batch Number to represent the new Applications created.

When you have finished setting up all the options, click Create.  The created Applications will show up in the Applications tab and can be edited before processing.