Cause There is a corrupted file named mapi32.dll in the C:\Windows\System32 folder that needs to be replaced. Workaround If you are getting this error, perform the following steps:
1.       From the C:\Windows\System32 folder, double-click fixmapi.exe.   Running this file replaces corrupted or older versions of mapi32.dll with a proper version.  
2.       Perform a reboot of the GIFTS workstation.  
3.       Search the Groupwise client installation folder for a file named WMS.exe. This folder contains several versions of this file. Select the one in the NT, US folder.  
4.       Copy this file to the GIFTS workstation and run the installation.  
5.       Perform a reboot.    
6.       From the GIFTS Organizer, send an email message. You are prompted to select a profile.  
7.       Select the Groupwise profile.
8.       Complete the email