Logging into FIMS for the first time after a new machine install a Control Frame Widget error/Progress error (5898) may appear. Some windows updates, or a new profile on an existing machine can cause these errors due to windows security.

An error referencing CONTROL-FRAME: treeview appears after clicking a module button on the FIMS navigation screen. Users may receive a hex error (similar to 0x800401f3) and progress error 5898. Reason for error:
  • Microsoft security features, especially with Windows 7, prevent the prox.dll and tview4gl.ocx files from being registered unless the user is logged into their machine as the user, administrator
  • Even if a user is a local administrator, they still must be logged into the machine with the administrator account to register the 2 files   
To resolve this error, register 2 files as the administrator.
  1. Log out of the pc as the user
  2. Log into the pc as the Administrator (domain administrator if applicable)
    1. This does not mean logging in as a user with administrative rights but as the user called administrator
    2. If you do not have the password for the administrator account, we recommend communicating with your IT people
  3. If the N drive is not mapped in My Computer, map the N drive
    1. Click Map Network Drive
    2. Drive = N
    3. Folder = x:\npo (x= the drive where the npo folder resides)
    4. Reconnect at Logon = checked
    5. Finish
  4. Right click the Command Prompt shortcut and choose Run as Administrator
  5. Register the following files separately Regsvr32 n:\dlc\bin\prox.dll Regsvr32 n:\found\fims\tview4gl.ocx
  6. After each file is registered, you will receive a pop-up that it was successful
  7. Log back into the pc as the user and log into FIMS
  8. If you are still unable to register the 2 commands logged in as the administrator, try the following
    1. Copy the n:\dlc\bin\prox.dll and n:\found\fims\tview4gl.ocx to the windows\system32 directory
    2. Run the 2 commands:   regsvr32 n:\dlc\bin\prox.dll regsvr32 n:\found\fims\tview4gl.ocx