In most cases, this error occurs because the ODBC data source on the workstation (which is used to connect to your SQL Server or Oracle database) has not been set up or is not set up properly. For example, connection errors occur if an incorrect data source name (DSN) is specified in the ODBC data source. Setting Up or Repairing the Workstation's ODBC Data Source A data source for your SQL Server or Oracle server is required to connect to the GIFTS database on client/server systems. Contact your IT department to inquire whether an ODBC data source has been set up on the workstation. If no data source had been created, follow the data source creation instructions included in the workstation setup instructions of the Installation and Technical Reference Guide for your version of GIFTS. If your data source has been set up but the workstation cannot connect to your database, you can compare the ODBC setup of the workstation with one that can log in to GIFTS. Note: These steps should be performed by your IT department or by the member of your staff who is responsible for installing and configuring your GIFTS system. Setup of ODBC data source requires administrative permissions in Microsoft Windows®.   Before You Begin: Please note that following before attempting to set up the data source for the workstation: The data source creation instructions refer to the default name (GIFTS), login, and password for the GIFTS database. Your organization may use a different name to refer to the GIFTS database, or use a different login and password. Prerequisites for clients with Oracle server: the client workstation must be able to connect to the database server using SQL Plus, and you must establish Oracle Service for the workstation before creating the data source (as described in the Installation and Technical Reference Guide ). The workstation must have an ODBC driver that has been certified for use with GIFTS. For a list of compatible drivers, please refer to the Compatibility Fact Sheet for your version of GIFTS. As detailed in the Compatibility Fact Sheet, compatible drivers for GIFTS 6 and later versions are automatically installed during the workstation setup process. If setting up or repairing your ODBC data source does not resolve the error, please contact MicroEdge Technical Support for additional assistance.