In the Gift Module go to the Gift History tab and find the Gift that needs to be refunded. 
  1. Select it and then click on the Adjustment tab. 
  2. Select the Reverse Gift button and enter the appropriate Reversal Date for GL purposes. 
  3. Click on the small General Ledger tab and adjust the GL accounts that will be affected by this reversal. 
  4. Change the debit account to the Accounts Payable account for this Fund.  
  5. Save, then run the Edit and Post.  

Next, go to the Profile module, find and select the Donor Profile record.  You need to add them as a Vendor so that you can issue a refund check to them.  
  1. Click on the Vendor tab
  2. Click on the New button on the toolbar
  3. Click Save.  

Go to the Accounts Payable module and go to the Item Entry supertab. 
  1. Enter a new AP Item by clicking the New button on the toolbar. 
  2. Select the Donor as the Vendor, and fill out the necessary fields on the Item tab including the Description and Invoice No. 
    • Tip: For Invoice No., you could enter the Gift Number or today's date. 
  3. Invoice Date defaults to today, but you can change it if necessary.  This will become the GL Apply Date.  
  4. Click Save.   
  5. Click on the Line Items tab and
  6. Click the New button on the toolbar. 
  7. On the Line Amount field enter the amount of the refund. 
  8. The Description should default in from the Line Item tab (if not, fill it in). 
  9. Click on each GL account lookup button and search for the GL accounts belonging to the Fund the Gift originally went to. 
  10. On the first Expense line, choose the Accounts Payable account instead of an Expense account.  
  11. The lines should look like this:
Expense: Accounts Payable account
Payable: Accounts Payable account
Cash: Cash account 
    12. Click Save.  
    13. Run the Edit and Post. 
    14. Go to the Open Items supertab and print the refund check. 
    15. Post the check print entries.