FIMS does not have a report that will display the average daily balance of a Fund directly, but there is a way to get this figure.
  1. Go to General Ledger > Journal Entry  > Automatic Entries
  2. Select and Run the Allocation and Entries routine.
  3. For selections choose period 00 through the ending period desired.
  4. In the Base allocations On option,  choose Average Daily Balance.
  5. In Base allocations on the value of G/L accounts from  field choose the first asset account through the last liability account in the GL account range (e.g. 10000 through 29999).
  6. In the  Percentage to allocate field put 100%.
  7. Enter a valid Debit and Credit account. It is best to choose an account all Funds have such as a checking account.  You will not be creating journal entries but the routine will require accounts to be entered.
  8. Click OK, then OK on the Fund Selection Screen
  9. Click Run Report.
The resulting report will have a column identified as Basis Amount .  That is your average daily balance amount. Save or print the report.  If desired, open the saved report in Excel.