In the FACTS module, if you want to easily keep track of which accounts still need to be reconciled, click on the  Pool Processing status button on the toolbar.  The button is on the toolbar to the left of the spell checker button (looks like double gears). When you click on the button it opens up a floating window that you can leave open and minimize while you reconcile your various investment accounts. 
  • Select the Pool. 
  • It will tell you the status of your processing. 
For example:
  • The Status will say Unreconciled Accounts Exist - See Below  if there are unreconciled accounts. 
  • Click on the Refresh button from time to time to refresh the information on the screen. 
  • If all accounts are reconciled, it will tell you to run Pool Allocation Processing. 
  • At each stage of processing, it will let you know what the next step is through Edit and Post of the cycle.