If you are getting two lines with the same Pool name on your Asset Rebalancing Report, there are two possible reasons. 

Typically this is caused by more than one Pool record existing for the same GL account.  To see if this is the case go to the FACTS Module > Pool Tab and change the Search By to G/L.  This will re-sort the view by GL account.  You should see two lines with the same GL account number.  Only one of them is correct.  After examining the records, determine which one is not needed, then click on the GL accounts tab and remove the Fund Asset Account value.  This should resolve the issue.

If there were not multiple Pool records, the other possibility is that there are two GL accounts for the Pool existing for the same Fund Id.  To see if that is the case, run the Chart of Accounts Report and select on the Fundid.  You would see two accounts with the same natural account.  (Do not just search in the GL Accounts since the duplicate account may not appear due to problems with the accounting coding.)

Please call FIMS support if you cannot delete the one that shouldn't be there.  We will help you merge it with the correct account.