If you are setting up an Asset Strategy Code and you cannot find the GL account you need, it is because it is not set up as a Pool record in FACTS. 

Asset Rebalancing looks at the Pool records to determine whether to include an asset account in the rebalancing process or not.  Typically the checking account is not reconciled in FACTS so it frequently doesn't have a Pool record and thus is missing from the rebalancing process.  Many uniquely owned assets are also not reconciled in FACTS and thus are not in FACTS.

To rectify this: 
  1. Open the FACTS module
  2. Navigate to the Pool tab
  3. Click the New button to create a new Pool record for the missing GL account. 
    • You will not be reconciling this new "Pool" in FACTS, it just needs a pool record to participate in Asset Rebalancing. 
  4. Enter in a Pool ID and pool name. 
  5. Uncheck the Create Fund Level Entries box. 
  6. On the GL Accounts tab enter the asset GL account on the Fund Asset Account line and click Save.
  7. The account should now be available in the Asset Strategy Pool drop-down in Asset Rebalancing.