If you wish to have each module you are using display in a separate window, you can set this up just for yourself, or for everyone in your organization.

If everyone wants multiple windows:
  1. Open Tools>Utilities>System Options. 
  2. In the Section column click on System. 
  3. In the Option column click on Multiple Windows. 
  4. In the Value column click on Yes. 
  5. Click OK. 
  6. It might be necessary to close and re-open FIMS at each workstation for this to take effect.

If you want to make the change only for yourself:
  1. Open Tools>User Preferences and select All Other Preferences . 
  2. Click OK. 
  3. In the Option column click on Multiple Windows. 
  4. In the Value column click on Yes. 
  5. Click OK.   
  6. User Preference will override the settings in the general System Options. 

For example, if most want multiple windows you can set it up in System Options.  Then anyone who doesn't want multiple windows can set their User Preference to No.