Your own help information that you enter into FIMS using the F2 key is stored in a table called Helpfile.  This table is currently unavailable in the standard list of tables, but can be added by a FIMS support person.  Contact FIMS Support to have this added.  Once added, follow these steps to create a data grid view:
  1. Access the table to create a data grid view under Inquiries > Dynamic Data Grid.
  2. From the View tab click the top drop-down, scroll down, and select Helpfile.
  3. You may get a message that says something like "User has no configured views for this table. 
  4. Please select View All to see all configured Helpfile views." 
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Add, enter a name and a description (e.g. Internal F2 Help), and click OK.
  7. On the Columns tab add both fields. Click Save and Generate.
  8. Your view into your F2 help text has been created. 
  9. Print or export as desired.
Tip: Make the rows deep so you can read more text in the Helpnote field.  
Note: There is a mixture of your help text and FIMS help text, so you will have to look carefully.  For example, if you're looking for help text you've entered for the Work Phone Number on the Profile tab, you can find it on the line where the Help Key is Profile.Workphone.