FIMS requires some fields to be filled out before a record can be saved, or posted.  But you can also set your own required fields. 

There are two options of requirement. 
  1. The field label can be highlighted as a visual reminder to the person entering data that this field should be filled out if at all possible.  However, filling out the field is not required for saving the record. 
  2. You can set a System Option that requires the highlighted fields to be filled out before the record can be saved.  

If you use this feature as a reminder for those entering data (Option 1), you may highlight many fields that are important fields for your organization.  Users will fill them out if they can but if they are not filled out, they can still save the record.  

To highlight fields:
  1. Click on Tools>System Utilities>Maintain Required Fields . 
  2. Read the Help text and click OK.  
  3. Next go to a field you want to highlight. 
  4. Right click in the field and select Required. 
  5. The background highlights. 
  6. The default color is yellow but each user can pick their own color, or a system-wide color can be chosen

If you want to use this feature to require entry of some fields before a record can be saved, you probably will highlight fewer fields than in Option 1.  You will only require the fields that you feel are absolutely necessary and are values that will be known upon entry since it will be a system-wide requirement for all users before they can save the record. You cannot choose both Options.

To require fields to be entered before saving a record:
  1. Open Tools>System Utilities>System Options.
  2. In the Section column choose System.
  3. In the Option column choose  EnforceRequiredFields . 
  4. In the Value column choose Yes . 
  5. Click OK. 

The next time a record is created, all the highlighted fields will be required before the record can be saved.