Setting up and maintaining the security for an organization can be time-consuming, especially if you set it on a person-by-person basis and have many staff, especially several in each department.  Even people in one department may need different security settings.  

If a person leaves, you need to find everywhere you've set security for this person and change it to the new staff.    An easier way to manage security in this type of situation is to set up their user name starting with an abbreviation or acronym for their department. 
  • For example, financial officer John Doe's user name for FIMS could be setup as Fin1_John Doe. 
  • Other people who have the same permissions as John Doe can also be set up with Fin1 as the start of their user name. 
  • If someone else in finance has different security settings, you can start their name with Fin2, etc.  
When you set security, you can use an asterisk as a wildcard to select people in a particular security group.  
  • Fin1* for some items, Fin2* for others. 
  • Thus all people whose user names begin with Fin1 will have the Fin1* permissions and those whose user names beginning with Fin2 will have another. 
  • You could also configure some security as the same for all financial officers using Fin*.  
As people come and go, the security settings don't need to be changed.  You just need to add new user names starting with their department and level.