You can add your own help information into any data field in FIMS.  The help text can be customized to suit your own organization's needs or policies associated with either the individual field or the whole tab.

For Example,  you've set a policy that phone numbers on the Profile 1 tab should be entered in this format: xxx-xxx-xxxx:
  1. Everyone has been informed of the policy, but now you want a way for users to find information on the proper format if they forget.   
  2. Click in the Work Phone field and hit the F2 function key at the top of your keyboard. 
  3. You get a pop-up box. 
  4. Select User Notes. 
  5. If you want this help text to display only when the Work Phone field F2 is hit, then change the drop down to Field Level Help. 
    • Fill in the help text as desired (e.g. Enter phone numbers as xxx-xxx-xxxx.) 
    • Click Save and Close.
  6. If you want information to display when hitting F2 on any field that explains general information for the tab, change it to Screen Level Help . 
    • Fill in the help text as desired. 
    • Click Save and Close.  
Users can access both Field Level and Screen Level Help on any field.  

Other than documenting formating policies, you can use the text to help explain the reasons behind one value choice or another.  For example, should an Art Museum after-school program have Art or Education as a Program Area.

Another example for F2 help text is to record which letters of the Profile Notepads are used for what purpose.