If you want to change the color of the lettering on tabs (with or without data), required fields highlighting, or other changeable color items to see them better, or for your own color preferences, you can do this in two areas.  
The best option is for each user to choose their own color preferences.  To do this:
  1. Go to Tools\User Preferences. 
  2. Choose Color Preferences and click OK.  
  3. Common items to change are Tabs with Data, Tabs without Data, Disabled Text (read-only text), and Required Fields. 
  4. When you click on an item to change it, click Foreground Color (usually) to select the color. 
  5. Then click OK and Close when done.
If you want to set up the same colors for all users:
  1. Go to Tools\System Utilities\System Options. 
  2. In the Section column click on System.  In the Option column click on the item you want to change. 
  3. In the Value column, you'll see the colors represented by numbers so you'll need to know which numbers to pick based on the RGB color value. 
  4. Click OK. 
  5. It might be necessary to close and re-open FIMS at each workstation for this to take effect.