There are two ways to resize columns in a data grid that will affect both viewing and printing.
One way is within the grid itself, the other is in the set-up of the grid.  For the first:
  1. When looking at the generated view itself you can click on the vertical separator between the column labels and drag it just like you resize a column in Excel
  2. Once you've resized the columns click the Save View Settings button on the left to save your changes 
Note: you can only save changes to a view you have created.
For the second way:
  • In View Settings on the Column Tab there is a "W" column. 
    • This is the column width. 
    • You can just type a number in there
  • If you know that you like your report name column to always be 25 characters wide, then as you create your grid, just type in the 25 in the W column. 
Note that a value of 0 doesn't indicate a column width of zero.  It means that the column will display at the default width (whatever that may be ).  If you don't like the 0's, after saving the grid:
  • Generate it
  • Click Save View Settings button
  • The current column widths will now be saved in the columns
Note that you can also change the row depths by clicking and dragging the separator between the rows.  This is especially helpful to see more data in fields such as comments of Contacts.