To create a quick letter or envelope for one Profile
  • Go to the Profile 1 tab and click on the button to the right of the Address 2 field. 
  • This button copies the address of this Profile to the Windows clipboard. 

Below is an example of the information you get for a standard joint Profile.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hunt
489 Harris Road
Millvale, NH 03342 USA

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hunt:
  • To create a quick letter or envelope open Word
  • Click the Paste button (or right-click and select Paste, or from your keyboard hit Ctl+V).  
  • If you want an envelope, just remove the Salutation line before printing the envelope.

Note: This Copy button is also available on Alternate Addresses, Contact records, and on the Contact tab of Applications for Grantee and Payee addresses.