How do I use a Gift Deposit Form?

The Gift Deposit Form can help create a list of checks and cash to attach to a bank deposit form.
The Gift Deposit Form is a report you can run to create a detailed list of checks and cash to attach to a bank deposit slip when making a bank deposit.  Or it can be used as an in-house report of deposits made for the day.  If you deposit into your checking account, you can also use this report to automatically create a deposit transaction into the Accounts Payable Check Reconciliation.  

Note: You cannot run this report for posted Gifts.  It must be run while Gifts are unposted.   

Note: You must have an Account record created for the GL account you are running this report for, even if you do not deposit into checking or reconcile checking in Accounts Payable. 

To create an Account record:
  • Go to the Accounts Payable Module > Reconciliation supertab. 
  • Click on the Account tab and click the New button on the toolbar. 
  • In the Account Code field enter the actual GL asset account number that is being used for deposit. 
  • Filling out the name and address of the bank is desirable since that information will print at the top of the Gift Deposit Form. 
  • Other information can be left blank if desired. 
  • Click Save.  
To run the Gift Deposit Form:
  • Go to the Gift Module > Unposted Gifts supertab > Processes tab. 
  • After selecting Gift Deposit Form click Run Process and fill out the initial dialog box as desired.

See the attached file for an example of the report.
  Gift Deposit Form.pdf

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