When creating a new alternate address or modifying an existing one, choosing an incorrect date range for alternate addresses could cause the address to be chosen all the time instead of a more appropriate address. 

When you run many profile reports and exports - for instance the address listing with labels and email - you have the opportunity to select the date of mailing and the alternate address type on the mailing tab.  This selection will determine what address will be selected for the profile.  If you have inappropriately entered a date range that spans more than a year and have also set it to recurs "yes", then you probably will never be able to get any other address selected.

When entering an alternate address with dates such as 07-01-2009 to -7-31-2010, if you say recurs "yes", you will get an error message, but it is possible with a bit of trying to still get it to save.  This will cause you issues when reporting. 
  • Since the time period exceeds a year, you have told the system that this alternate address is always valid.
  • This condition is typically an error and either recurs should be set to "no" or the date range of the address should be changed. 
  • However, if you do find that a particular alternate address is always selected and the default address you were expecting is not, check out the date range on that particular alternate address.
  • Obviously an address with a date range of exactly a year and recurs of "yes" will cause the same issue, but would probably be easier to spot.