Reconcile Subsidiary Modules with GL Report Shows a Variance

This report helps to make sure the FIMS outer modules stay in sync with General Ledger.  It displays the amounts posted by fund in subsidiary modules (Gifts, Grants, and Accounts Payable), along with the amounts posted to General Ledger, and shows any variance. 

You can select specific contribution accounts, grants payable, expense accounts, and administrative payable accounts, or run the report for all accounts.  You can also choose to show information for all funds, or only those with differences.  

Note: You can access this report from anywhere in FIMS by selecting Reports / General Ledger / Reconcile Subsidiary Modules with G/L .
Please see the attached document showing step by step instructions for setting up the report, as well as tips for troubleshooting any problems shown on the report.
  Reconcile Subsidiary Modules with GL.doc



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