Donor advised grants are frequently recurring grants.  A donor might designate a particular organization to be given a fixed amount on a regular schedule.
  • The Distribution tab in the Fund module is the place to maintain this information.  
  • Click on the New button to add a new Distribution record. 
  • In the various areas on the tab you can indicate the Freqency (how often should distributions be made), a fixed Amount or an Allocation % of the annual spending policy to be distributed, along with a date the next distribution should be given. 
  • Leave the End Date blank if distributions should continue endlessly.  Otherwise put a date distributions should end. 
  • You can also indicate a designated grantee and/or payee. 
  • In the Default Application Coding area you can indicate some codes that will default into the application. 
  • Multiple Distribution records can be added for any Fund.

To create the applications, run the File Maintenance procedure  Grants\Recurring Grants from Fund Distributions.   See How do I create recurring grants from fund distributions?  for instructions on the use of this tool.