Posting a journal entry to any GL account set up as a Pool in FACTS creates a FACTS Transaction.  The Journal Key Code on the journal entry translates into a FACTS Transaction Code.  Different Journal Keys translate to different FACTS Transaction Types.

The instructions for translation are mapped in the General Ledger > File Maintenance > Journal Key Code Maintenance table.

There are five FACTS Transaction Type codes: DsbP, TrnP, ErnP, MscP and GifP.  

By default, FIMS will map Transactions from:
  • AP module to the DsbP code 
  • Gift module to the GifP code.   
  • If a Journal Key Code is not mapped to a FACTS Transactions code (which is the case for most), the FACTS Transaction Code will default in as MscP.  

The mapping of GL Journal Key codes to Transaction Type codes is a convenience to assist with FACTS reconciliation, but it is not required.   In the FACTS module, Transactions with the same Type code will be totalled on their respective read-only lines on the Reconcile tab for:
  • Fund Miscellaneous (MscP
  • Gifts (GifP)
  • Fund Disbursements (DsbP)
  • Fund Transfers (TrnP)
  • Interim Earnings (ErnP)

For example, the total amount of all Transactions with the Transaction Type code of MscP will show on the Fund Miscellaneous line.  

The Transaction Entry Listing Report can be sorted and subtotaled by the Transaction Type Code for further reconciliation assistance.  If you find that closer management of Transaction Type codes would aid you in reconciliation, there are several things you can do. 
  • The Transaction Type code can be changed manually on any FACTS Transaction.  
  • A utility under FACTS File Maintenance called Change UnReconciled Transaction Types can be used to change multiple Transaction Type codes all at once. 
  • Adding new mappings or changing existing ones in the Journal Key Code Maintenance table can also be done, but please contact FIMS Support for assistance i f you are considering doing this.